Helping the Body heal and the spirit soar

Jon Sweeney’s Co-Creative Coherence Therapy®

& Directed Distant Intentionality

“The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement, but the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.” -Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize winner and pioneer of quantum physics.

All forms of medicine recognize energy as the primary means of reinstating health, but all have different ways of expressing and accomplishing it. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses acupuncture needles and Chi Gong to take energy from the universe and break the blockages that cause disease. Western allopathic medicine uses drugs to form chemical reactions that add energy to the body. Western medicine will also remove diseased body parts to break blockages. Homeopathic medicine uses only the residual energy patterns of the “active ingredients” to alter the balance of the body’s energy. Native American medicine treats the entire person from spirit to body and relies on plants not for their chemical compounds, but for the energies they represent. 

Directed Distant Intentionality, also known as distance healing, bypasses all the other systems and deals directly with the Universe in the most fundamental way: consciousness and energy. It uses human consciousness to sense where the blockages are and energy from the quantum field to break the blockages. The ultimate goal is to restore the flow of energy so the body can heal itself. It really is that simple, but simple is not always easy.

Co-Creative Coherence Therapy is a bio-energetic therapy that adds some “easy” to the simplicity equation. It provides a methodology for diagnosis and repair. Coherence Therapy includes valuable knowledge of physiology from western medicine, energy movement techniques from TCM, and  total body/spirit integration from Native American medicine.  It is complementary to all other forms of medicine as well. Since one can never know exactly what the outcome will be, it is not advisable to limit treatment of life-threatening or life-limiting disease to only one form of medicine despite the education, skill, and good intentions of the practitioners involved in the process.  Co-Creative Coherence Therapy may work where other systems fail because of its direct approach to problem solving. We believe Co-Creative Coherence Therapy to be a profound truth and an ideal method of reclaiming your God-given birthright to heal your body and set your spirit soaring.


Jon Sweeney is an internationally known Directed Distant Intentionality Healer, founder of Co-Creative Coherence Therapy, and an ordained inter-faith minister. He is a teacher, author, lecturer, musician, and artist. For more than a decade, he has served as a healing partner with individuals across the globe to heal the body and help the spirit to soar using the Coherence Therapy method and quantum consciousness.