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Jon’s Prayer for 2020

Practitioner in the Healing Arts

Rev. Jon Sweeney is an ordained inter-faith minister specializing in a ministry of healing using bioenergetic therapies. For more than twenty years, Jon has worked as a healing partner with people around the world. His unique method of healing incorporates his Cherokee Ancestor’s understanding of natural balance within the Universe and relationship with Creator. 

His studies in Chi Gong, Tai Chi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine provide a practical, time honored method of energetic expression for his Native American beliefs. Jon serves as Medicine Man to a small number of elders from a variety of nations, but he declines to assume the title out of respect for the native practitioners who have dedicated their entire lives to preservation of the old ways. Similarly, he declines the title of Sifu as his Unity Chi Gong is untraditional and inspired by Native American philosophy more than Chinese culture, or Master as he believes no person can ever master the Chi. So what do you call him? Jon works just fine.

“Helping the body heal and the Spirit soar”

Open Heart Healing Therapy / Directed Distant Intentionality

About us


Jon Sweeney is a multiple Emmy Award winning formerTV producer who found his true calling not in media arts, but in the healing arts and his Native American heritage.


His specialty of producing art that heals, Intention Imprinted Art,  is also being embraced by private art collectors worldwide. Intention Imprinted Art is the result of years of scientific research and art experimentation.


It was the research for this book that changed  his life and set him on his path of healing.

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The Profound Truth of Human Consciousness at work…

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All forms of medicine recognize energy as the primary means of reinstating health, but all have different ways of expressing and accomplishing it. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses acupuncture needles and Chi Gong to take energy from the universe and break the blockages that cause disease. Western allopathic medicine uses drugs to form chemical reactions that add energy to the body. Western medicine will also remove diseased body parts to break blockages. Homeopathic medicine uses only the residual energy patterns of the “active ingredients” to alter the balance of the body’s energy. Native American medicine treats the entire person from spirit to body and relies on plants not for their chemical compounds, but for the energies they represent. 

Focused Distant Intentionality, the scientific name  for distance healing, bypasses all the other systems and deals directly with the Universe in the most fundamental way: consciousness and energy. It uses human consciousness to sense where the blockages are and energy from the quantum field to break the blockages. The ultimate goal is to restore the flow of energy so the body can heal itself. It really is that simple, but simple is not always easy.

“The opposite of a correct statement is an incorrect statement, but the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.”

- Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize winner, pioneer, and a founding father of Quantum Physics


Personal healing sessions

Open Heart Healing Therapy is a bio-energetic therapy that adds some “easy” to the simplicity equation. It provides a methodology for energetic diagnosis and repair. Open Heart Healing builds upon Jon’s earlier Coherence Therapy which includes valuable knowledge of physiology from western medicine, energy movement techniques from TCM, and total body/spirit integration from Native American medicine. It is complementary to all other forms of medicine as well. Since one can never know exactly what the outcome will be, it is not advisable to limit treatment of life-threatening or life-limiting disease to only one form of medicine despite the education, skill, and good intentions of the practitioners involved in the process. Open Heart Healing may work where other systems fail because of its direct approach to problem solving. We believe Open Heart Healing Therapy to be a profound truth and an ideal method of reclaiming your God-given birthright to heal your body and set your spirit soaring.

Commissioned Healing Art

Science and art are now one. Intention Imprinted Art® is the culmination of a decade of research and experimentation in the art of healing. The result is astounding: art that heals. Jon developed a proprietary protocol used in the creation of the Intention Imprinted Art® (IIA) that causes these paintings to condition the space in which they are displayed with a specific healing outcome for a specific individual, or an intention to condition a public space for a specific outcome. These paintings can change or enhance a physical outcome by simply being displayed as art within a client’s space. That space then becomes conditioned to produce the desired effect. It’s a very exciting innovation for profoundly powerful healing. Jon’s Intention Imprinted Art® is now available by commission. This protocol builds upon the groundbreaking science of Dr. William Tiller. We have integrated the principles of his research with art and a dozen years of practical, hands-on experience helping thousands of clients worldwide. Dr. Tiller confirms the validity of our unique approach to healing and endorses our efforts to promote healing via IIA conditioned space. Click on Dr. Tiller’s website ( www.tiller.org ) for a more detailed explanation of his research in the White Papers section and to purchase his books.


Custom Healing Sounds

Pythagoras (circa 570-497 BC) was perhaps the first modern man to document the healing properties of sound, but he was far from first to recognize the profound effect the right sounds have on the body , mind, and spirit. His philosophy has inspired many of todays musicians & scientists, such as John Stuart Reid, Fabian Maman , Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Steve Halpern,  Jonathan Goldman, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, and many, many more who build upon this effective ancient practice. Jon Sweeney developed a method of delivering focused intentionality to sound for creating conditioned space wherever you may be. Each recording is for a specific purpose and a specific individual.


Classes and Speaking Engagements

Classes in Open Heart Healing Therapy are available for self healing, and for healing others. Please check the schedule for availability.  Jon Sweeney has limited availability for public speaking.

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Scheduled Classes and Events

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all classes and events have been postponed until further notice.

“Be true to your work, your word, and your friend”

- Henry David Thoreau

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Jon’s Prayer for 2020






“God heals, and the doctor sends the bill.”

Mark Twain

and Jon must as well


There is no difference in quality of service or effectiveness, only duration of time.

Office hours Tuesday-Thursday, call or email for appointment.




Daytime sessions 15 min. in duration. Usually enough time to address one issue.


Domestic or international phone call

Energy diagnosis

Unblocking and healing




Daytime sessions 30 min. in duration.  Enough to address multiple  issues.


Domestic or international phone or Skype call

Energy diagnosis

Triple Warmer and Chakra balancing

Unblocking and healing

Energetic Emotional support




Daytime sessions 30 min.  Enough time to address multiple issues.


Domestic or international phone or Skype call

Energy diagnosis

Triple Warmer and Chakra balancing

Unblocking and healing

Energetic Emotional support

Recording of custom Healing Sounds / music made during the session and emailed to you for continued healing.




Tuesday Evening sessions 20 min. in duration for single issue.


Domestic or international phone or Skype call

Energy diagnosis

Triple Warmer balancing

Unblocking and healing

Energetic Emotional support

Disclaimer: It is important to note that Jon Sweeney is not a physician, and he does not claim to diagnose or treat medical conditions. All opinions offered are based on his personal experience and study. You are encouraged to work closely with your personal physician and healthcare practitioners. In the event you use any of Jon Sweeney’s services or information, you alone are responsible for your actions. Warranty: All services are provided on a best efforts basis. We cannot predict, promise, or guarantee an outcome. All clients are encouraged to continue western medical care and see their doctor.

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$100 per 30 min

Healing strategy and Focused Intentionality options

Creation and recording  of intention embedded sounds delivered via email on MP3

Intention creation with



Intention creation with

Sound CD


Creation and recording  of intention embedded sounds delivered via mail on CD



$2500 Per Diem + travel exp.

Speeches or teaching customized for your needs, up to six hours

Intention Imprinted


$300 - $10,000

Art that heals by conditioning space with specific intentions.

Ceremony is a gift of the Creator and is always free to all of good heart.

Native American


Always free


We would be happy to advise you personally

Daytime Office Hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Evening hours only available on Tuesdays



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